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Check with your coach for which tournaments you will be in.

Welcome to Team Providence Travel. 

The Providence Travel team is a program with a focus on the holistic youth

development from basketball to life skills.



When does the season go from?


  • The season goes from November to March 2019.


When are Travel games?


  • Travel games are on Friday, Saturday or Sunday?  If the team plays on Friday, generally they would play next on Sunday.


Are any of the games out of state?


  • RIYBA or Rhode Island Youth Basketball Association does all games within Rhode Island cities and towns. There is no out of state travelling.


How are teams decided?

  • The Travel Director vets teams with heavy influence and weight by the coaches. Players must attend tryouts unless they were previously on Team Providence travel team in the previous year. There is no way to judge or see skill and team chemistry unless a player is present at tryouts.


                           FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



What are selections based off of?


  • Selections are based on a total evaluation of skills, hard work, hustle, impact and value to the overall team.  If the player is skilled but doesn’t work hard or hustle, then they may not make the team.  Conversely, if a player is skilled but does not fit or add to the team chemistry, they may not be chosen.  Finally, a player who does not have as much skill but advances the overall team may be selected.


How many tournaments will we play in?


  • The goal is for the teams to play in six (6) tournaments. Coaches will announce tournaments.  We could play in as many as nine or 10.  Schedules and tournaments we will be playing in will be given to you by your respective coach.


What is the cost of Team Providence Travel?


  • The cost of Team Providence Travel is $85.  This target cost is because the director is working towards sponsorships, which will help pay towards uniforms, tournaments, and gym rental, and insurance fees. If you paid the $10 tryout fee, then the cost is $75.  


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